I've been speaking at Tech conferences since my first public speaking appearance at SXSW back in 2005. In the early days I used to talk about the intersection between people and technology; exploring areas such as user-centered design, experience design, and designing delight. These days I mostly talk about the business value of design, the importance of digital leadership, and how traditional companies can transform themselves into truly digital businesses. I've recently been getting into Machine Learning and the effects this will have on both the design industry and society as a whole.

I tend to limit my speaking engagements to ten events a year, and generally get booked up around 6 months in advance. I charge a small speaking fee equivalent to a handful of tickets, plus flights and accommodation. I do this because it's important for our industry that conferences value expertise as much as they value the venue, AV people or catering staff. I also care about diversity, so avoid speaking at events that haven't made an obvious effort to create a balanced line-up.

Current talks

Here's a selection of my current talks. If you don't see a session that currently fits your event, please drop me a line as I'm always interested in exploring new ideas with conference organisers.

The Accidental Design Leader

Design for Competitive Advantage

Building a World Class Design Team

I For One Welcome Our New Robot Overlords