Andy is a design leader, conference speaker, investor and coach. A designer at heart, Andy believes design has the power to transform companies, teams and customers' lives for the better.

A huge advocate for the design community, Andy is a regular speaker at international conferences like SXSW, Awwwards and The Next Web. He founded and curated the dConstruct, UX London and Leading Design conferences, as well as an online community of over 2,000 design leaders. He's a founding member of the Adobe Design Circle and has appeared on both the Wired 100 and BIMA 100 lists, as well as winning agency of the year several times.

Designer turned Investor

Andy is a Venture Partner at Seedcamp, Europes most sucessful early stage venture fund. Andy mixes his time between reviewing start-ups for investment, and supporting startups in the Seedcamp portfolio.

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Renowned agency founder

Andy founded Clearleft – one of the most influential design agencies in the UK. Andy was MD of Clearleft for 13 years, growing the company to 30 people and landing major clients like Virgin Atlantic, The BBC and Penguin Books.

Clearleft became employee owned in 2020.

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Organises industry-
leading events

Andy has been fascinated by conferences since speaking at his very first SXSW in 2005. Eager to attend more events back in the UK but finding none, he set up dConstruct, the first dedicated design conference in the UK. Since then he's gone on to set up numerous other conferences like UX London and Leading Design.

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Speaks at events around the world

Andy loves sharing his thoughts and ideas with design and business leaders, at conferences like SXSW, Mind The Product and The Next Web. His topics all focus on how companies and teams can unlock the power of design in order to create some kind of competitive advantage.

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Coaches design leaders

Andy has been leading design teams for over 15 years. This, combined with his deep network of design leaders makes him a knowledgable and versatile coach.

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Advises start-up founders

Andy advises a number of early stage (seed to series A) start-ups on a range of topics including company building, team culture, pricing strategy and product led growth.

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