The Growth Equation: How Early Stage Startups Can Build a Powerful Engine for Growth by Andy Budd

The Growth Equation is the NEW book by design founder turned startup advisor, investor and coach — Andy Budd. In it he explores the challenges most early stage founders face; from launching your product, finding your first customers and figuring out what to charge; to improving acquisition, onboarding and retention; in order to land your first million in revenue and beyond.

The Growth Equation chapters

  1. Why Growth Matters
  2. Build a Genuinely Useful Product
  3. Finding Those First Precious Users
  4. Create Your Go to Market Strategy
  5. Founder-led Sales
  6. Founder-led Marketing
  7. Converting Prospects to Users
  8. Successfully Onboarding and Activating New Customers
  9. The Importance of Retention
  10. How to Price Your Product, Monetize Users and Expand
  11. Using Existing Customers to Get New Customers
  12. The Role of Behavioural Science in Growth
  13. Product Led Growth
  14. Building Out Your Growth Team

This book will show you how to…

Find your first 10, 100, 1000 users

Figure out your go-to-market strategy

Scale to $1m revenue and beyond

Hone in on product-market fit

After reading The Growth Equation you will…

Understand the 7 key drivers which make up The Growth Equation

Understand why you need language-market fit to reach product-market fit

Have developed your own growth strategy and growth engine

See how product-led growth fits into your own growth story