Coaching and Mentoring

Andy coaches, mentors and supports ambitious design and product leaders to help them unlock their full potential.

Andy has helped a wide range of individuals over the years, from design and product execs at major tech companies, to younger designers starting out on their own leadership journey. Find out how he can help you.

Coaching Leaders

Andy primarily works with Heads, Directors and VPs in the Product and Design space. The leaders Andy coaches tend to fall into one of three catagories:

Experienced leaders looking to hone their leadership skills. Often these leaders will have specific organisational or managerial challenges they're keen to adapt or improve.

Newer design leaders looking for support growing their practice. It's often their second or third leadership role and they're looking for a partner to suport them on their journey.

Leaders looking to explore their next career move, or needing support while transitioning to a new role.

Mentoring Practitioners

While it's not his core area of practice, Andy enjoys supporting senior ICs. Especially those either considering a move into leadership or needing support with their transition into leadership.

Andy also likes helping more junior designers navigate their way through the industry. He's especially interested in helping designers from under-represented backgrounds — one of the things he likes the most about being a member of the Adobe Design Circle.

Andy has a good understanding what hiring managers are looking for in designers, and occasionally helps more junior designers hone their CVs and Portfolios.

Supporting Agency Founders

As a former design agency founder, Andy helps a handful of ambitious agency leaders set their company vision, hone their business plans and improve their company and team performance.

What makes a good design leader? Andy shares the five key challenges design leaders face, and the skills necessary to recruit, manage and foster a successful collaborative culture, at Awwwards Conference Amsterdam.